Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #61-70

You just set the controls to auto pilot as your Yacht Rock party starts to drift into awesomeness. The warm morning sun shines bright overhead, and the man in the captain’s hat pours himself another glass of champagne before strolling over to feed your pet flamingos. Everyone is happy, and why? Because the Top 100 Yacht Rock songs continue on in the background. Cheers! Continue reading Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #61-70

Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #91-100

Imagine you’ve invited a few of your closest mustache-wearing friends over to your yacht for a little party. Your first question should be “What are we going to listen to?” because this ain’t no ordinary party. Well, for me, that’s fortunate as I play 666 casino classic games. Somehow, I manage to memorize some classical kinds of music. Continue reading Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #91-100

Bachelorette Breakdown – He Brooks My Heart

As Desiree nears the end of her journey to find true love on The Bachelorette, she visits the island of Antigua in the Caribbean for some fantasy suite-ing with Drew, Chris and Brooks. Antigua means “ancient” in Spanish, and is there anything older than a love story gone completely wrong? We’re about to find out. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – He Brooks My Heart

Bachelorette Breakdown – Men Tell All

Can you think of a worse thing to be confronted with than a room full of your ex-boyfriends? Ok, well maybe a room of ex-girlfriends is worse – at least for the guys – but what about a room full of angry gorillas? That would be awful, because who wants to admit they dated a gorilla…much less multiple gorillas? Anyway, you get the point. Well, that’s what Desiree had to face this week on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode. But these were men…not gorillas…unless you count Mikey and James. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – Men Tell All

Bachelorette Breakdown – Hometown Dates

You know what’s trickier, for women, than dating multiple men at the same time?…meeting their families. Can you imagine the pressure and emotional toll it takes to put on a happy face as you are paraded in front of families, knowing that you will be dumping one of the men in just a few short days? But Desiree, chooses to ignore her womanly impulses of emotional attachment and sensitivity and heads off to meet the men on their turf and in their family home. Yep, it’s the Hometown Date edition of the Bachelorette Breakdown, as this is one of my favorite series to watch on TV, and I even got an outdoor tv mount to watch it in the garden. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – Hometown Dates

Bachelorette Breakdown – Fantasy Island

In the aftermath of the James drama bomb in Barcelona, Desiree and the remaining five Bachelors travel to the mysterious, secluded island of Madeira, Portugal. At first glance, this seems like a fantastic idea, since we all know that there’s nothing more romantic than falling in love on an island, right? Well…think again. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – Fantasy Island

Bachelorette Breakdown – James and the Giant Leech

In following with their long tradition of visiting “romantic” cities like Atlantic City and Munich, this week The Bachelorette visits Barcelona…so I guess 1 out of 3 ain’t bad, right? But how can any of these Bachelors find love with Desiree when there’s a giant leech in their midst? Yes, I’m looking at you, James. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – James and the Giant Leech

Bachelorette Breakdown – Munich

What do you get when you take two guys, one girl, and put them in a hot tug? Well, maybe that came out wrong, but the answer is a lot of drama. This week the Bachelorette travels all the way to Munich, Germany who’s motto is “München mag dich,” which disappointingly translates to “Munich likes you.” So much for being the most romantic city in Europe. Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – Munich

Bachelorette Breakdown – Atlantic City, Baby!

After 26 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, ABC is starting to run out of super date ideas, which can only explain why they chose to visit the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged and freezing cold shores of Atlantic City. But when you have 13 guys with perfect abs, where else can you go but the Jersey Shore? GTL, baby! Continue reading Bachelorette Breakdown – Atlantic City, Baby!