SNL Recap – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Well, if last week’s season premiere with Seth MacFarlane was an 8/10 then this week’s SNL recap of Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a 4/10 at best.

SNL writers came out strong in the opener with some new, unique and funny sketches, but then completely flopped in week two. If it weren’t for a few good impressions from Jay Pharaoh this episode would have been completely forgettable.

Here is Jay Pharaoh doing his Stephen A. Smith impression which was one of the best parts of the episode:

Our best quote comes from the cold open with Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan (Jay Pharaoh again with the impression):

The sketches in this episode were weak. So weak in fact, that I would feel bad making you spend five minutes of your day watching them. Instead, I will just show you this impression of Ann Romney on Weekend Update – another highlight of the episode.

Let’s hope that SNL writers have some better stuff planned for Daniel Craig and Muse. From what I have seen, you do not want to cross Daniel Craig.

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