An excited German fan at Euro 2012.

TGIF – The Best Euro 2012 GIFS

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the GIF, and to celebrate the beautiful game of soccer, we bring you a collection of the best Euro 2012 GIFs.

Wait for a moment to load – it worth, comrade.

Two Greece fans kiss at the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

A Greece fan wants to mack his lady, but she puts the Windex on that.
“We are still down goal.”

The camera cannot get enough of this hot Greece fan at Euro 2012.

But the camera has definitely NOT put a stop to showing this beautiful Greek woman every 3 minutes.

Greece coach Fernando Santos throws gang signs to his team at Euro 2012

Greece coach Fernando Santos gives his team mixed signals.

A hot Greece fan gets tongue photo bombed by her boyfriend at Euro 2012.

A Greece fan gets creepily photobombed by her boyfriend.

A cute Ukranian boy celebrates at Euro 2012.

A Ukranian boy goes crazy after they go up a goal on Sweden. “Ukraine IS STRONG!”

Hot Ukraine female fans notice the camera at Euro 2012.

…but it’s probably because he caught a glimpse of this extremely hot Ukraine chick.

The hot German female Euro 2012 fan wonders why Germany is so good.

“Why is Germany so good?”
“OHHHH I figure out!”

Germany head coach Joachim Low hits the ball out of the ball boy's hands.

Germany coach Joachim Low owns the ball boy. Hey, it’s not his fault your Spring line flopped on the runway.

German midfielder Thomas Muller winks for the camera at Euro 2012.

“Ha ha yes, good one coach!” says Germany midfielder Thomas Muller.

A male Russian fan kisses his girlfriend at Euro 2012.

Not sure if kiss or freakish zombie face nibble by this Russian fan. Either way, Russia “kissed” it’s Euro 2012 goodbye with a loss to Greece.

A gorgeous Russian fan at Euro 2012 blankly stares.

This gorgeous Russian fan just saw them on the kiss cam.

Ireland was knocked out early from Euro 2012, causing their fans to cry.

Ireland fans cry because they stopped selling beer at halftime, not because their team was knocked out early.

Ireland player Keith Andrews is knocked over by the referee at Euro 2012.

Literally…knocked out.

Italian forward Mario Balotelli punches the ground at Euro 2012 vs. Spain.

Italian forward Mario Balotelli punches the ground after learning he will NOT star in Demolition Man 2.

A French man sleeps at Euro 2012.

“Wake up, Pierre! People no longer hate French soccer fans!”

Two beautiful French fans at Euro 2012.

“Zut Alors! Yes, we are kidding, Pierre!”

A hot Ukrainian fan cannot believe France just scored at Euro 2012.

“Ayeeeeee, Ukraine is not as strong as seem.”

Spain striker Cesc Fabregas says NO to the referee's call at Euro 2012.

“Already knew that, bro” says Spain striker Cesc Fabregas.

Wayne Rooney makes sure his hair plugs fit at Euro 2012.

England star Wayne Rooney is not just the president, he’s also a client.

A beautiful Greek fan blows a kiss to the camera.

We will show the hot Greek fan every 3 minutes as well.

A DJ performs at the opening ceremonies of Euro 2012.


A Ukranian fan dances at Euro 2012 during a rain delay.

“Ukraine is STRONG at the dance!”

Germany's Mesut Özil has a little trouble taking off his shirt at Euro 2012.

Germany’s Mesut Özil has a little trouble taking off his shirt.

Hot Portugal fans cheer a goal at Euro 2012.

“Yeeeeeesssssss!” He did it!

An amazing goal by the Czech Republic at Euro 2012.

CZECH-MATE! Maybe the best goal of the tournament (so far).

Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimović trash talks English goalkeeper Joe Hart at Euro 2012.

Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimović says “good game” to English goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Mario Balotelli misses an easy goal by dribbling too slow at Euro 2012.

And THIS is another reason why we can’t stand Mario Balotelli.

An England player accidentally kicks the ball right at the referee at Euro 2012.

“Oh never mind ol’ chap – it’s just a flesh wound.”

A hot Ireland fan looks frustrated at Euro 2012.

This Ireland fan looks like your “totally bored” girlfriend that you STILL have to bring to every match.

Danny Welbeck’s Twirly Backheel Goal vs Sweden at Euro 2012.

Knew we spoke too soon on “best goal.” Here’s Danny Welbeck’s twirly backheel vs Sweden.

A goalkeeper at Euro 2012 gets the white line on his nose.

“I love cocaine. It like candy for nose.”

This Italy fan and player break no stereotypes at Euro Soccer 2012 Gifs.

Italian soccer fans and players break no stereotypes.

Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo gets angry at Euro 2012 soccer.

Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo finds out he’s no longer allowed to date supermodels.

Italy's Mario Balotelli celebrates his 2nd goal vs. Germany by taking his shirt off at Euro 2012.

Italy’s Mario Balotelli reaches Matthew Mcconaughey status with how often he removes his shirt.

Spain's Fernando Torres grabs a kid after beating Italy in Euro 2012.

Congratulations, Spain! You win free children.

Italian players cry when they lose Euro 2012 to Spain.

“Sorry dad, you can no longer play with us.”

A Ukraine fan blows a kiss to the camera at Euro 2012.

“Kiss kiss – bye bye! See you for Euro 2016!”

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