A cartoon drawing of the Arrested Development chicken dances with GOB, Lucille, George Sr. and Lindsay.

How to do the Arrested Development Chicken Dances

As fans of Arrested Development know, each member of the Bluth family has a different form of the “Chicken Dance” that they use to mock other people, usually members of their own family. And while the origin of the Arrested Development Chicken Dance is unknown, I think we can all agree that it’s awesome.

So even though chickens don’t clap, here is your step-by-step guide on how to do each of the Arrested Development Chicken Dances:

The “Coca-coca-coca-kaa” Chicken Dance (Original)

G.O.B. Bluth

First seen in…
“Staff Infection”

Level of difficulty
8/10 – The sharp, thrusting movements actually cause G.O.B. to injure himself in “Burning Love” while mocking Buster.

G.O.B. Bluth does the chicken dance in Mexico for Michael on Arrested Development.

G.O.B. performs his chicken dance in Mexico to a child who asks him if he would like a “Chicklet.” (He thinks the kid called him a “Chicken”). Michael is opposed to the dancing since it attracts Mexican homosexuals.

How G.O.B. resembles an actual chicken
“Sometimes hens and roosters will use the motion of scratching on the ground to give some aggressive posturing. The male may use pretend foraging, scratching at the ground to intimidate others.”


Instructions on how to do G.O.B. Bluth's chicken dance on Arrested Development.

1) Kick your legs back and forth behind you, alternating the right and left.
2) Simultaneously clap your hands violently and stiffly together in front of your chest.
3) Rotate around clockwise in a circle.
4) Repeat the words “Coca-coca-coca-kaa” saying each word in unison with your leg movements.

The “Cha-chee-cha” Chicken Dance

Lindsay Bluth

First seen in…
“Ready, Aim, Marry Me”

Level of difficulty
7/10 – Requires tremendous balance and leg strength.

Lindsay Bluth does the chicken dance to Michael on Arrested Development.

In “Ready, Aim, Marry Me” Lindsay mocks while Michael for not asking Sally Sitwell to attend a romantic getaway he bid on at a bachelorette auction. G.O.B. joins in with his version, making this the first double chicken dance attack.

How Lindsay resembles an actual chicken
“She is doing something that looks fairly similar to a rooster courtship waltz. They put one wing up and the other one down and dance around the hen, almost like a Mexican hat dance. There is definitely leg motion [with real roosters]. Maybe not as extreme as what she does, but there is leg motion.”


How to do the Lindsay Bluth chicken dance on Arrested Development

1) Start with one hand on your hip.
2) Use the opposite hand to form a fan shape, place it slightly in front of and above the forehead, and wave in a sideways motion.
3) Simultaneously kick one leg straight out, alternating legs.
4) Repeat the words “Cha-chee-cha” saying each word in unison with your leg movements.

The “A-coodle-doodle-doo” Chicken Dance

Lucille Bluth

First seen in…
“Spring Breakout”

Level of difficulty
3/10 – Though the difficulty level raises with each martini consumed.

Lucille Bluth does the chicken dance for Michael on Arrested Development.

In “Spring Breakout” Lucille drunkenly performs her chicken dance at the Bluth Company offices when Cal Cullen tells her that he is afraid to end up on Scandalmakers if he spends more time with the Bluths. She then collapses into a drunken heap.

How Lucille resembles an actual chicken
“A hen might hold her wings out that way with their head held up high as an aggressive display. The part where she kind of bobs her head up and down, that is something a hen or rooster might do to attract chicks to a good food source.”


Lucille Bluth performs the chicken dance for Michael on Arrested Development.

1) Place your feet together with your knees slightly bent.
2) Bob your head up and down.
3) Flap your arms up and down simultaneously.
4) Optional: twist from side to side.
5) Say “A-coodle-doodle-doo” repeatedly.

The “Coo-coo-ca-chaaa” Chicken Dance

George Bluth, Sr.

First seen in…
“For British Eyes Only”

Level of difficulty
5/10 – Requires improvised arm movements and balance. DO NOT ATTEMPT using a surrogate.

George Bluth, Sr. does the chicken dance for Michael on Arrested Development.

In “For British Eyes Only” George performs his chicken dance when Michael tells him about Rita, his English girlfriend. George insults Michael, telling him that he’s always been “too chicken” to talk to women or seal the deal.

How George, Sr. resembles an actual chicken
“I cannot think of when a chicken would do that combination. I would think that chicken might have gotten into a toxic substance. Or maybe a chicken that is crazy.”


George Bluth does the chicken dance for Michael on Arrested Development.

1) Throw your arms up into the air in a random configuration.
2) Lift one leg up simultaneously.
3) Optional advanced move: Place your hand in front of your face, extend one arm, and shake your buttocks.
4) Say “Coo-coo-ca-chaaa” repeatedly.

Ok, now go try it…or are you, chicken?

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  1. BWAHAHAHA. I knew they were all just bad and weird chicken impressions (that are amazing), but I didn’t really notice that George Sr.’s version actually has no resemblance to a chicken whatsoever until you pointed it out. That is good stuff.

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