Napolean Dynamite is living the American Dream.

Living the American Dream

The Master Kong (aka Confucius) once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But this quote came before video games so it’s a little dated.

Growing up, we are all asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I think many of us have said at one time, “I want to do very little and make a lot of money.” Unfortunately, not all of us have the last name Kardashian.

For many the “dream” is earning lots of money, driving nice cars, living in big houses, and being revered by others. The idea of an “American Dream” is vague, and many times has been exploited by others to motivate people to learn spelling words, earn degrees or work 40 hours a week. Our forefathers (and even our fifth ones too) would roll in their graves if they knew the types of dreams today’s Americans have.

The Jersey Shore cast understands living the American Dream.

Sign Holders are Living the American Dream

A few years ago I was a college student at Brigham Young University. This was a busy time in my life with school, studying, and a part-time job here and there. I woke up to an alarm, went to classes all morning, took a short lunch break, and then pretended to study.

On my way home I had to pass by Little Caesars. Many times there would be a kid about my age standing in front holding a sign that said, “5 Dollar Hot-N-Ready Pizza.” (Perhaps you have been lucky enough to see one too.)

The Little Caesars sign holder guy is living the American Dream.
$5.99 for a Hot-N-Ready? What is this…Communist Russia?

There was something else that caught my eye about this particular Caesars sign holder. This guy was doing something many of us would consider a “dead-end job.” In other words, let’s just say it’s extremely rare when too many sign holders make their way up the corporate ladder.

Flight of the Conchords - Chicken or the Egg

But, this isn’t the point. As I passed by this guy on almost on a daily basis, I noticed something peculiar: He always brought his “A game” to the table. Through the heat, the cold, a Tsunami, it didn’t matter – he was there with his headphones on dancing to what I can only assume was Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. I’m sure most people drove by and thought, “if only he had an education or, some type of technical degree then he wouldn’t have to suffer through this humiliating job.” Yeah, well if they saw what I did they would see the places this kid might go – I’m talking Badger from Breaking Bad levels, here!

Badger from Breaking Bad is living the American Dream.

Many may argue the Confucius statement can’t apply to him. I ask why not? If you saw the smile on his face you’d think he was paying Caesar to hold his sign for him. He accomplished one of highest steps in Maslow Hierarchy of Needs –  Self-Actualization. This guy was comfortable enough in his own skin to dance by himself on a busy street corner and pimp out $5.00 pizzas. Most people can’t even go to the movies by themselves.

Mr. Dancing Little Caesars sign holder taught me a valuable lesson. We live in a free nation where we can pursue jobs, careers, hobbies and develop talents that bring us joy. This pursuit of happiness is the “The American Dream.”

Little Caesars dancing Pizza Sign Guy.

Plus, crazy bread? Come on, folks that’s American.

6 thoughts on “Living the American Dream”

  1. This post was real funny. I love Flight of the Concords and any clip ever posted with them in it. We have a CRAZY sign twirler here in roseburg who is probably in forties, weighs a buck fifty (maybe does meth) and he dances nonstop like crazy with NO headphones in. It’s just his own beat. And he does 2 finger points to you and blows you kisses all between his nonstop dance moves. He’s gotten pretty popular, and has been used by almost all the businesses on the main drag. People hong and wave at him all day (I might be guilty of that too). Anyway, he seems definitely happy enough.

  2. One time I saw a sign holder in such a dancing frenzy that he ditched his sign and broke it down for a little bit. It was awesome, but I hope his supervisor wasn’t watching.

  3. Loser? I’m a doggone mascot/signholder entertainer myself I have plenty experience from doing on and off for about 7-8 years I’ve been mascot for 1978 oklahoma sooners Heisman trophy winner Billy Sims chuck e cheese a clown then twice I was the head waver/signholder at liberty tax as the statue of liberty a signholder for a mattress store in south Carolina declined an offer to meet with someone from the San Diego padres farm team the fort Wayne tin caps in Indiana due to transportation issues was given the phone number for the colts mascot met former coach Barry switzer among other things as a mascot and about to accept another offer as a sign holder that was basically handed to me on a silver platter because I asked if I could grab a sign hit the street corner to show them what I have when I turned in an application the management agreed I went out did my thing for about 5minutes then he asked me to stop he said he was impressed and wants to hire me this happened earlier tonight actually…what can I say I love what I do its my dream job and its amazing! !!!I love to entertain and make people laugh smile and be happy !!!!

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