Stuff I Saw On Pinterest: StarCraft II

Heads up people. I’m going full nerd on you fools.

A lot of posts on this site are about women TV shows and sports. Now, if you are a nerdy little gamer you’re probably feeling pretty down and out because you think we have forgotten about you. Fear not! Today’s edition of Stuff I Saw on Pinterest features StarCraft II.

What’s StarCraft II?

It’s a real time strategy computer game that is huge in South Korea and pretty popular in the US. There is a really good chance that someone you are related to plays this game and plays it a lot. Anyway, shout out to my StarCraft homies.

Stuff I Saw On Pinterest: Stairs

I’ve always been fascinated with staircases and I probably attribute that to the fact that greatest rock song of all time is about stairs. But I honestly don’t know why or how they can be so intriguing. Maybe it’s because I associate stairs with castles and castles are super gangster? Or maybe it’s because I’m sorta short and stairs allow me to be taller? Regardless and irregardless, stairs rock my socks off.

Stuff I Saw On Pinterest: Star Wars


It’s amazing.

Each week day Every so often I will get on Pinterest and find a series of pictures that you may not find because of all the women posting pics of hot babes, delicious food and ecards. I’m kinda trying out this new gallery format. We’ll see how this goes.

This week I stumbled over some Star Wars fan art. I picked out some of my favorites. Enjoy.