Bachelor Breakdown – Sean Isn’t Here to Make Friends

What do we really know about Sean Lowe?

When he was a contestant on The Bachelorette he listed his occupation as “Insurance Agent” but in a recent interview with US Magazine, Sean says he owns a handbag and furniture store called The Factory Girl.

Can we really trust a once Insurance Agent now turned handbag/girl furniture salesman? This former promising college student now turned cosmetics consultant/reality TV blogger isn’t so sure.

Who is going to pay $800 for a rusty dresser anyways? If you really want to get your lady some furniture then get something at IKEA and show her what a man you are as you work through splinters, missing pieces, and shoddy manufacturing.

While I still have some unanswered questions about who Sean Lowe really is, he did get a strong endorsement from Bret Bielema (who earlier this year left the University of Wisconsin football team coach-less for their bowl game when he abruptly left to take the Arkansas head coaching job)

My wife's favorite show is on, she is watching the Bachelor for sure. Funny story I recruited the star Sean Lowe to Kansas State. Great kid.
Bret Bielema

Alright well if Bret Bielema says he’s is a good guy, then so do I.

A quick look at those that left us…

kacie-b-the-bachelorLast week I mistakenly put Kacie B. in the top three and Daniella in the bottom because I thought Daniella would be the one to bring up how crazy Amanda is to Sean. While I was wrong about that, I was right on with what would happen. Upon hearing Kacie B. talk about Amanda, Sean said “Why are you involving yourself? I want you to act like Kacie (B.) and not like this crazy person I’m seeing.” Was I right or what? It’s never a good idea to be the informant. We will always remember Kacie B. by her last words “My plan isn’t panning out how I pictured it…”

Bill Simmons had an excellent idea that I totally agree with:

I think Kacie B should be on the Bachelor every season. Would start to get really fun when she hits her mid-30's.
Bill Simmons

Until next season Kacie B…

Top 3 Bachelorettes (in no particular order)


Lesley is looking like an early favorite for starring in her very own wedding special on ABC. Sean’s father holds the record for the fastest time driving through all 48 contiguous states, so after having to live in that shadow for years, Sean decided it was time he broke his own record.

Dallas 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe breaks world record for longest on-screen kiss

The record they chose was longest on-screen kiss, which I found interesting. Why not most high fives in an hour or most marshmallows fit in mouth? They kept talking about how hard it was to keep kissing for so long without moving but I think the hardest part was sharing a public kiss with this guy looking on:

I got next!


While I hate putting Tierra in the top three, I feel like I have to. Tierra allegedly staged a fall down the stairs and just about went to the hospital for it. Like some of the girls mentioned, she went as far as she could with it until she decided to not go to the hospital where they would realize it was all BS. Unlike Kacie B., Tierra’s plan worked and she got some quality time with Sean.


Ashlee (I refuse to capitalize a letter in the middle of of a name unless that person is LeBron James) had a solid date with Sean and told her about her own adoption and how she would like to adopt kids of her own someday. Sean said he would be open to that, which is the right thing to say in the moment regardless of if you feel that way or not.

 The Bachelor – Episode Highlights


Volleyball is a polarizing sport, especially for girls. You either love it or you hate it. Or in Kristy’s case you hate it so much that you break down crying multiple times.


Sarah got a pleasant surprise from Sean when she came outside and saw a limo with her dog from home. While the surprise was totally pointless and unexplained, I enjoyed it only because I thought of the serious life evaluation that the ABC employee had as he traveled cross country with a dog to make 30 seconds of television.

Bottom 3 Bachelorettes (in very particular order)


Amanda remains in our bottom three because she is…well, crazy. While Kacie B. was the one who paid the price for starting the drama with Amanda, you know that Sean is at least a bit concerned about her warning. He will be extra careful now to see if there was any truth in what Kacie B. was saying. And unfortunately for Amanda, there is a whole lotta truth in what she said.


Lindsay didn’t do anything wrong this week that deserves to be put in the bottom three, but I noticed over the last episode that she has a slight lisp when she speaks. Have you heard it yet? Trust me, once you do that is all you will hear when she talks. I’m thinking Sean is starting to hear it too which is why she is in the bottom three.


Daniella also didn’t do anything wrong this week to be in bottom three, but I just don’t see her lasting through this next week. There are a few different girls that could be in this spot but I am gonna go with Daniella to be kicked off first.

I made sure this week that I didn’t watch any of the teasers at the end of the episode so that I would be surprised. In my research for writing this article (mostly checking ABC bios to make sure I’m spelling names right) I accidentally saw this photo:



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3 thoughts on “Bachelor Breakdown – Sean Isn’t Here to Make Friends”

  1. Shall we take guesses as to what Kacie B was on when she decided to tattle on Amanda? Perhaps she was just drunk but, whatever influence she was under, it was not pretty. If you’re going to tattle, at least be on your A game! I couldn’t help but laugh at the volleyball challenge. I kept wondering which situation would have been more stressful for my own daughters who are not so good at volleyball… to play for the bachelor or to play on their dad’s team at family reunions? Both high stakes games with a lot of finger pointing and crying involved – it’s a tough call. Thanks goodness Sara’s surprise was her dog and not an invitation to play volleyball. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!) Though I bet she’s better at volleyball than half the girls that were on that court. Good news, though, for uncoordinated girls everywhere… looking amazing in a bikini trumps being good at volleyball with about 99% of the male population – my husband being in the 1%! Phew. The breakdown is becoming the highlight of my week! Love it!!

  2. The ABC employee traveling with the dog……hahahahahahahahahaha. awesome mention. .. i’m still laughing out loud @ that. hahahaha

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