TWEEKED! The Best Penn State Tweets Edition

In the aftermath of Jerry Sandusky scandal, the NCAA has announced its punishment, and it’s almost worse than death. Yes, sports fans…it’s TWEEKED! Penn State Tweets Edition!

I remember the day Paterno was fired and all psu fans were as vocal as possible standing behind their man. Awfully quiet today...#psuisdone
Gary Manowitz


PSU President: Penn State accepted sanctions to avoid death penalty.
Scott Johnston


I'll the first person to congratulate Coastal Carolina for its victory over Penn State in 2008. #PSU #NCAA
Mike Argento


Bill O'Brien saying he's still ''committed'' to PSU reminds me of that Monty Python knight still talking trash with no arms or legs..
Bill Plaschke @ LAT


Penn State football looks like that legless zombie crawling around the park in the Walking Dead pilot.
Ben Jones


"Their wins got vacated? No big deal. Penn State should just move to another school." - John Calipari


Like I said earlier Paterno could coach somewhere else probation free if he was still alive, while PSU suffers. That is the hypocrisy.
James Kaufman


If that's the case I'm telling all future generations that PSU football won every championship during that time but NCAA couldn't accept it
Anchor baby


CHILDREN were raped. Molested. And folks turned a blind eye/deaf ear to what was going on. There's nothing to discuss here. NOTHING AT ALL.
Stephen A Smith


Can't wait to see homeless people everywhere rocking Penn State gear.


How can anyone be concerned about Penn State's football program recovering? Lets hope the victims are ever able to recover.
Michelle Rodriguez


Jay Paterno..... #PSU = Please Shut Up
Peyton's Head


We get it, you hate quick responses RT @: Paterno family calls NCAA sanctions a "panicked response" that punish PSU students
Fake Bo Pelini


FYI I no longer have a problem with Penn State being Nebraska's permanent "crossover" Big Ten game
Fake Bo Pelini


The Paterno family responded to this Penn State settlement, but I looked the other way.


We send men to jail even though their innocent family and friends suffer. We send Penn State to jail and the PSU family suffers. That's life
Tomm Looney


PSU wont be going to a bowl game for the next 4 years...Just like the University of Kentucky....
Elle Raiser


It is cool to say that BYU is the only National Champion in the 75 years to not have a major NCAA infraction. Win with honor.
Mitch Harper


If the NCAA wants to really hammer Penn State it should make the school play in the SEC West.
Gary Parrish


ah crap... so i lost every college football game i ever played in?
Evan Royster


PSA call your bookie if u lost money on a Penn State win between 1998 and 2011
Ken Jennings


Death penalty would've been way better. It's gone be hard for penn state to bounce back from this one.
Roddy White


Irony: With the last 14 years of wins vacated, the last quarterback to officially win a game for Penn State? Mike McQueary.
Doug Russell


I read about Penn State's last victory on my Gateway computer using Netscape
Evil Mike Tomlin


PSU students: stop talking into cameras.
Joe Sheehan


If you're a PSU player & you're thinking of leaving, please leave. Don't allow yourself to be talked into staying. It is really ok to leave.
Michael Felder


Penn Shtate Shhedule Prethew: Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh, Losh


If Penn State replaces the Paterno statue with a Robocop one, they should be free of all sanctions.
Jensen Karp


All Penn State diplomas to now say "Sorry" above your name and then "Again, Very Sorry" below it.
Chase Mitchell


The only winners from this Penn State scandal are the walk-ons who will finally get to play
Coach Wright


So glad I kept all my gambling tickets from when I bet against Penn State for the last 14 years. Gonna call the casino now to square up!
Guy Endore-Kaiser


Awaiting the NCAA Football 13 roster update that has eleven 148-pound walk-ons on Penn State's roster.


Cheer up Penn State fans, on EA Sports NCAA 13 you can still make it to your traditional Outback Bowl bid.
Faux John Madden


Kids who in the 4th grade right now would be part of next class when Penn State football is back at full 85 scholarships.
Bruce Feldman


What Joe Paterno and Penn State teach us is, "if you don't stand for what's right everything you did right will be forgotten."
Stacy L. Spencer


Amazing that so many people still see the Penn State situation as a football story. That attitude is what got them in trouble to begin with.


Weird day for the person running the Penn State Athletics Facebook page... "So. Softball season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!"
Amir Blumenfeld


As Val Kilmer says in Tombstone: 'It's not revenge Wyatt is after. It's a reckoning.' That wasn't punishment for PSU. That was a reckoning.
Gerry Callahan


In 2010 Penn State played Ohio State in a game both sides have now vacated.
Dan Wetzel


With all eyes on Penn State, today would be a great day to get arrested if you're in the NFL
Faux John Madden


By vacating wins, NCAA acting as if last 13 years at Penn State never happened. Sort of how Penn State treated them, too. #PennSt
Alan Robinson

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