Stephen A. Smith disses some idiot from Utah who acts like he's from Brooklyn.

Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Utah Guy on Quite Frankly

Stephen A. Smith calls out some loser from Brooklyn Utah on his ESPN show Quite Frankly.

Stephen A. Smith Owns Utah Guy on Quite Frankly

This poser tries to act like he’s rolling in the Brooklyn ghetto when it’s clear from his Utah Utes colored sweater, squeaky white guy voice, and balding head that he is a tourist or literally just moved to New York from Spanish Fork. It’s obvious he’s living in days gone by when Jerry Sloan coached the Utah Jazz, John Stockton wore his nutters and ran pick and roll after pick and roll with the Mailman.

Stephen A. Smith – who is normally a babbling idiot – verbally abuses this clown using his “hood” voice and calls him out for trying to play like he’s from New York. The look on Utah boy’s face is priceless as all he can do is sit there and take it – much like the Jazz did when they got owned by Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals.

One thought on “Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Utah Guy on Quite Frankly”

Talk to me, loser.

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