Sean Lowe visits Desiree in her hometown to meet her family on the Bachelor.

Bachelor Breakdown – Hometown Dates

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time might be one of the most difficult things a guy will ever do. If you’re Sean Lowe on the Bachelor, you have to do it four times. It’s the Hometown Dates edition of the Bachelor Breakdown!

It’s even harder when those parents know that you’ve hooked up with other chicks and have a trip to Thailand booked next week with three women. Despite these awkward facts, I think Sean did a pretty good job of winning the families over during his hometown dates.

Maybe being on TV helps, but how you can get four different parents to give you their blessing for marriage while you are dating three other women is amazing to me.

Sean and Desiree’s Hometown Date

While Sean did pretty well with the parents, but he struggled with some of the siblings. The highlight of the episode was Desiree’s hometown date, which started off with a harmless prank and ended with a nightmare.

Desiree and her family try to prank Sean Lowe on the Bachelor with a fake boyfriend.

After fooling Sean into thinking that one of her old boyfriends had shown up to profess his love to her, Desiree’s brother decided to take the joke to the next level and express his disapproval with Sean and Des’ relationship.

As a brother to five sisters, I can understand being protective, but not on TV. Whether I was ok with the situation or not,  I would probably use that air time to crack a few jokes and see what TV opportunities I could make for myself. She’s a grown up, she can take care of herself.

Desiree's brother Nate confronts the Bachelor Sean Lowe about his sister.

At best, all Des’ brother did was make her miss out on a free trip to Thailand. At worst, he made her miss her one chance at true love. Either way, there will be some awkward Thanksgivings at their house for years to come.


The Other Hometown Dates

The other girls’ hometown dates were so uneventful and uninteresting that I won’t even justify them with a breakdown. All I will say is that Lindsay’s seemed to go the best and I am picking her to win it all now. How great would that be if she got married in the same wedding dress she wore when she got out of the limo? It’s like she totally Babe Ruthed it. That would be a great story to tell the grandchildren.

I would comment on the other girls but I just really don’t see the point. Catherine is lucky to make it this far, but she isn’t going to win. I don’t care how many push-ups Sean does with her on his back.

Sean Lowe does push-ups with Catherine on his back on the Bachelor.

AshLee isn’t either. Unless Sean is into all that cheesy blindfold crap that she is always doing. I have been wrong and shocked two weeks in a row with Lesley and Des being sent home, but I don’t see the other two girls beating out Lindsay.

Next week’s episode features Thailand and overnight dates. This always makes for interesting/awkward television. While I don’t want any more details from the overnight dates, there are a lot of people who do. With rumors circling that Sean, as a born-again Christian, is saving himself for marriage, Chris Harrison asked some questions about what would happen on the overnight dates.

This is how Sean responded:


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