Tierra is gone from the Bachelor.

Bachelor Breakdown – Tierra is Gone

Hey everyone – THE B IS GONE! Have we ever seen a more manipulative, conniving woman on the Bachelor than Tierra?

The only comparison that we have ever seen is Courtney and even she looked normal in comparison.

While most of us hated her from the moment she stepped out of the limo, you have to respect the level of crazy she brought to the show. It’s like how any fan of basketball has to respect Michael Jordan whether they liked him or not.

Like everything in Tierra’s life, it doesn’t work out well when she is mixed in with other people. So as a tribute to Tierra, let’s take a look back at some of her greatest moments:

Tierra received the first impression rose from Sean, which teaches us an important lesson about first impressions: Even unstable women can pull it together for brief moments to appear normal. The only way to truly get to know a woman is to hire a camera crew to follow her around 24/7 for a couple months. Anything short of this and you are basically playing Russian Roulette.


We all remember the first time that paramedics were called. You know, when Tierra fell UP the stairs. At this point we didn’t know much about her and might have even felt a little sorry for her. How naive we were. This was a major turning point between Tierra and the other girls in the house.


This was right around the time when Tierra embraced the fact that it was her against the house and that she was not going to play nice. This caused a major rift in the house as the girls would see what a terrible person she was. Even though the girls told Sean multiple times that she was mean to them in the house he didn’t send her home because he didn’t understand this:

A person who is nice to you, but not nice to a waiter is not a nice person.

What I really want to see is a season where we have two Tierras. Imagine if we had Courtney and Tierra on the same season. Would they be friends or enemies? And if they were enemies, would they focus on bringing each other down or the rest of the girls? This is a social experiment that has to be done. What’s Courtney up to? I’m sure she’s single, let’s get her on the phone and make this happen.

Tierra eats a sandwich on the Bachelor.
Everybody knows the best way to treat hypothermia is with sandwiches and foot rubs.

This is when the girls’ sentiments towards Tierra went from “She’s just not a very friendly person” to “She is the most miserable person ever. I hate that b****”

I realize that while this is reality TV, it is hardly “reality.” A lot of the these segments are scripted and produced and it is hard to tell what is real from what is fake. For the last couple weeks I thought this whole Tierra staying around even though nobody likes her was just to make good TV, but after seeing her get sent home I am not so sure. These are not actors and that whole last scene was too real for average people to act out. We also saw about four different ABC cameramen in the shot which shows that it was definitely not a planned moment.

As I watched Tierra over this season I couldn’t help but think how could this happen? How could someone be so terrible and still think that they weren’t in the wrong? Then she answered my question when she said “My parents told me I have a sparkle and don’t let anyone take that sparkle away.”

What exactly did they mean by sparkle? Hopefully they weren’t referring to her pride or dignity because if so then she definitely lost her sparkle. Good riddance, Tierra.


AshLee shocked everyone this week when she got the final rose over Lesley. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Another thing we also didn’t see coming was her confession to Sean about getting married when she was a junior in high school.

When I was a junior in high school I wasn’t concerned about anything other than my rank on Halo 2. How on earth did she get married? The fact that Sean kept AshLee instead of Lesley was already shocking, but after this revelation I thought for sure she was gone. AshLee also told Sean that she loves him this week which is a huge step for any couple. I still remember the first time my wife screamed I love you for the first time, what a magical night.


Desiree immediately jumped to my favorite to win list once Lesley got kicked off. Assuming that everything goes alright when she brings Sean to her house tent to meet her family I can definitely see her winning this thing.


Katherine was a dark horse this year and anyone that bet on her making it to hometown dates must be raking in the money. No one was more surprised about her making it through this week than herself as she openly weeped because Lesley was going home instead of her. Did anyone else think that was really weird? Because it was super weird.


Lindsay got the group date rose and secured her spot for the hometown dates. While I still think Des is going to win it all, if anyone were to beat her it would probably be Lindsay. What does the winner get again – $250,000? I always forget at the end of this whole thing if all they give these poor girls is a free ring and a few magazine covers for the engagement and eventual breakup. That doesn’t seem fair.

All joking aside, I really am excited to see the hometown dates this week. This episode always seems to go the same way. One family always decides that they aren’t ok with a made for TV relationship, two families act supportive for the cameras regardless of their personal feelings, and one family is perfect because they are thrilled that their 27 year old daughter might finally be moving out of the house. I’m so excited to see who falls into each category. I feel the same way that Jacoby from grantland.com does:

I can’t decide if I would rather travel back in time to win a thousand lotteries or travel forward in time to watch The Bachelor next week.



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