SNL Recap – Daniel Craig and Muse

Well hopefully you didn’t cancel your plans on Saturday night as to not miss this week’s SNL with Daniel Craig. If so, you would have felt like 007 owed you a couple hours of your life back. Daniel Craig did a fine in his first time hosting SNL, but the sketches overall were pretty plain and only mildly entertaining. There were some highlight moments that you would have missed out on though.

For some reason, Hulu is no longer posting monologues online. Daniel Craig did a tribute to all the people he has killed in his movies, but I can’t find it anywhere. So there was that.

Best Quote– Best quote comes from the cold open about the presidential debate. While it is mocking the debate, it isn’t that far off from what actually happened…


Best Sketch– Mars Mission was extremely weird but something about watching Bobby Moynihan talk about his little kitty kat as a “little Tom Cruise cat in Frisky Business” made me laugh.


This MSNBC breakdown of the debate was also worth watching if only to see Rev. Al Sharpton’s excuses for Obama’s lack of performance…


It would be wrong of me to not mention the musical genius of Muse. Their new album, The 2nd Law just came out last week and is incredible. Here is their first single “Madness.” (I would recommend everyone check out this video regardless of your musical tastes to see some really talented musicians)


This segment on Winners and Losers of the Presidential debate was the highlight of Weekend Update:


Who knew Kate McKinnon had such a great Ellen impression? Let’s hope SNL writers do more with that in the coming weeks. You can check that out here in this commercial featuring lesser known “Bond Girls.”


Coming up next week: Christina Applegate and Passion Pit

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