Jacksonville Fans Call it Jaguaring…and it’s Awful.

NFL fans get ready…there’s a new contender for Tebowing, and it might be the most horrible thing my eyes have ever witnessed.

It’s a celebration dance called “Jaguaring,” but after you watch this video you’ll probably refer to it as something you’d call your worst enemy. No…no…no. Actually I wouldn’t wish jaguaring on even my most hated foe.

Downtown Jacksonville Do you know how to Jaguar YouTube

“Do you know how to Jaguar?”

Of course you don’t, because if you already did then an actual jaguar has every right to maul and dismember every limb from your body. And just in case you DID want to know, some straight dude in a bow tie is going to show you. “Jaguaring” takes just three simple steps:

Step One: Put your claws up.
Step Two: Move to the side.
Step Three: Down.

He also compares it to planking – which begs the question: would you rather die from planking or a jaguar attack?

0:40 If you think it’s easy enough for even white people not to screw up, ERRRRRRRR you’re dead wrong.

1:09 Black chicks get it right on the first try. duh.

1:36 Watching old people Jaguaring is about as much fun as watching them kiss.

1:42 A bunch of girls Jaguaring does not make them hot, even if they were hot to begin with.

1:47 I rest my case.

Let’s hope Jaguaring dies a quick death – not the slow, painful death Jacksonville fans will suffer this year.

4 thoughts on “Jacksonville Fans Call it Jaguaring…and it’s Awful.”

  1. I actually kinda like it. It’s like the Jaguars organization thought to themselves, “how can we come up with a celebration that is as humiliating as our sad excuse for a football team?” Mission accomplished!!!

  2. You must live in a city that doesn’t have an NFL team. BTW, if you didn’t notice, it was just a preseason game but we did beat the Giants.

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