Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest, wants to be a Meteorologist

This is a clip of Ron Artest on CTVBC trying to do the weather. A couple things we can learn from this video (turn it up, the volume is low):

1. Ron Ron can be laid back and goofy, but we all knew that.

2. “Victoria, she sounds like she’s hot…but she’s actually cold.” Just having the name Victoria means that people think you’re hot, even if you are just a city in Canada. (SIDENOTE: I will not be naming any of my daughters Victoria.)

3. Metta World Peace probably doesn’t know that Canada uses the metric system which is fine because it’s just a giant joke the rest of the world is trying to play on the US.

4. “It’s like 11 degrees everywhere.” Actually it’s 11 degrees in one spot, but we can see that this inability to use logic/reasoning/reading skills is probably what leads Artest to beat the crap out of people. He probably has post traumatic stress disorder from his younger days at Queensbridge. I mean, he saw a dude get javelined through the heart with a table leg. I just don’t think he planned on seeing that ever.

5. “To get from this island to this island…..take a boat.” Uhh, that first island is Washington State and I would never choose to willingly go from there to Canada, unless I needed pharmaceutical meds.

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