SNL Recap – Bruno Mars and Peter Gene Hernandez

A lot of you are probably wondering who Peter Gene Hernandez is. It is Bruno Mars’ real name. Meaning, that he joins the ranks of megastars like Ludacris, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift as someone who both hosted and performed as the musical guest. (Justin Timberlake is in another category in his own because he not only hosted and performed, but he killed it as a host and musical guest, a feat that can’t be necessarily said about the others).

Bruno was good, but again the writing was pretty weak. Not a lot of creativity this week in the sketches but they did do a pretty good job of showcasing Bruno’s musical talent.

Best Sketch– The Pandora sketch was by far the best one this week and isn’t available on Hulu (I assume for music copyright issues). It can and should most definitely be watched here.

Best Quote– “You’re just jealous cuz I can do this”


Worth Watching– “Sad Mouse” I thought this was really funny and unique. I miss digital shorts…



Next episode (November 3rd) – Louis C.K. and fun.

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