SNL Recap – Christina Applegate and Passion Pit

This week’s SNL like the last few weeks was mostly forgettable with a few highlights. Luckily you have me here to turn what would be an hour and a half of what would be silent giggling into seven minutes of ROFLYAO’ing… Anyways, here are this week’s highlights:

SNL writers have shown their laziness lately by taking a mediocre sketch that kinda works and repeating it four or five times (examples: Secret Word, What Up With That?, and now The Californians) The Californians was funny the first time I saw it, bearable the second time, and almost annoying the third time. This week’s episode only featured two original sketches, the others were variations of old sketches. It’s time SNL writers get more creative and start coming up with some fresh ideas.

Best Sketch: Tech Talk was the best sketch this week and it wasn’t even close.


Best Cameo: Usain Bolt in “The Californians”


Best Quote:¬†Ariana Huffington on Joe Biden’s “feminine qualities”


The only other segment worth watching was the VP Debate which I won’t post but will link here. The way the debates have gone so far, SNL writers haven’t had to do much to spoof them. And with characters like Joe Biden, Jason Sudeikis isn’t too far off with his over-the-top impression.


Next week: Bruno Mars

Talk to me, loser.

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