Archery fail in the 2012 London Olympics

Archery 2012 Olympics FAIL

“The Blind Leading the…People Who Can See”

South Korean archer, Im Dong-hyun, broke his own already amazing world record and was also part of a record in the team archery shoot.

Oh, and he’s also blind.

Yeah, homeboy has 20/200 vision in his left eye and 20/100 vision in his right eye, which means he needs to be at least 10 times closer to see objects clearly compared to someone with perfect vision. When he shoots he just aims for the center of what he calls a “colorful blur”. He’s basically a post-carbonite frozen Han Solo with a bow and arrow.

Here’s Im Dong-hyun with a double bullseye, or as he calls it, a “double yellow fuzzy area.”

So why does he get a FAIL award?

Oh, the FAIL isn’t for Im Dong-hyun…it’s for all the other archers who can see! He’s blind, people! Ya’ll let him drop world records on you?!

Robin Hood would never be involved at the 2012 Olympics Fails.

“BLIND? We got this!”

Runner-up for the Olympics Archery FAIL…

The ranking rounds for archery are typically held on the day of the opening ceremonies to seed the archers for the knockout rounds. The early rounds are listed as ‘unticketed’ and not open to the public.

That didn’t stop thousands hundreds dozens of archery enthusiasts from showing up to try enter the event – many of whom had purchased tickets from fake websites.

Among the idiots was Oregon native, Don Ferguson, who travelled over 5,000 miles to watch the archery with his wife and two sons, one of whom is totally into archery.

So, yes…I guess I’m giving the FAIL to Don Ferguson of Portland, Oregon. All it takes is a Google search, bro.

I know, I’m a jerk.

The archery WINS go to…

Impressed…then unimpressed Korean coach.

and…the Korean version of Katniss, or as I like to call her – Koratniss.

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Talk to me, loser.

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