Flight of the Conchords: Jenny

Remember these New Zealanders? 

Flight of the Conchords - Jenny - subtitles

Being World Music Day, I thought I’d spice this blog up with little international flavor from New Zealand.

Jenny (the skit/song above) is probably my favorite Flight of the Conchords bit. These fools are pretty talented. Jemain Clement and Bret McKenzie make up the Flight of the Conchords have even won a Grammy for best musical comedy duo. Bret (the not as goofy looking one) recently won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the Muppet Movie song “Man or Muppet“. Bret was inspired by Tracy Jordan and is now halfway to an EGOT.

Honorable Mentions: This, this, mostly this and this for Kylie.

One thought on “Flight of the Conchords: Jenny”

  1. This makes me so happy and so sad. Happy because I love flight of the conchords. Love them and that show. Sad because I can’t watch the clips you linked to! Do most phones have flash? Why doesn’t mine?

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