Top Snubs of the Best Simpsons moments.

Simpsons Snubs

Not too long ago, there was an article on that highlighted the best Simpsons moments of all time.  I’m deeply offended that such an article was written and that I wasn’t asked to contribute.  The staff at Grantland did an alright job with it, but they definitely overlooked some pretty great Simpsons moments.   Here are the the Simpsons Hall of Fame snubs:

Lisa The Vegetarian

Simpsons BBQ

This moment comes to us from Season 7 Episode 5 “Lisa the Vegetarian.”  This is an iconic Simpsons episode and an unforgettable quote.  It’s quick, witty, goofy lines like this that defines the humor of The Simpsons. Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t keep going because right after this comes another moment equally as memorable. Lisa (the vegetarian) asks her dad why he has to serve meat at his barbecue.

“You don’t win friends with salad.” – Homer Simpson

Truer words have never been spoken.

Knifey Spoony Original Clip

“You Call That A Knife”

You can’t have a Simpsons HOF without a clip from Season 6 Episode 16 “Bart Vs. Australia.”  While most people would pick the infamous “Don’t tread on me” scene, I prefer this Crocodile Dumbdee moment. You see what I did there?

THE SIMPSONS Professor Frink's

Don’t Touch It

The great thing about The Simpsons is that they are not the only people in Springfield. The show is famous for having an entire city full of developed characters that can add to the story lines surrounding the Simpson family.  No Simpsons HOF can exist without a proper tribute to one of the best cartoon voices of all time, Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr.

Electric Shock Aversion Therapy - The Simpsons - The Simpsons

Electric Shock Aversion Therapy

One of the all time greatest moments of the show came to us only four episodes into the first season. What makes this clip so memorable is how it shows the family dynamic of The Simpsons.  Homer and Marge are average people, doing their best to make it by in this world with what they’ve been given. There is a lot of arguing and problems along the way in the Simpson household, but love for each other always prevails. This is the common theme of every episode and what makes it such an endearing show.

Beer Salesman - The Simpsons - The Simpsons

Beer Salesman

Do you really think we could have a Simpsons HOF without a clip about beer?  What I love about this clip is how it shows the mastermind troublemaker that is Bart Simpson.

Lionel Hutz: BabySitter-at-Law

Lionel Hutz, Babysitter at Law

Another tribute to one of Springfield’s strongest characters.  The only greater attorney on TV is Barry Zuckerkorn.  Any time Lionel Hutz is on the screen you know you are in for a laugh.

The Simpsons - Homer gives Bart advice on women

Lesson About Women

Everything I know about treating women, I learned from Homer Simpson.  I’m actually not kidding and I don’t think anyone is surprised by that.

“When it comes to compliments, women are ravenous, blood-sucking monsters always wanting more! more! more!!!”

Ok, I take back my earlier statement. Now, truer words have never been spoken.

Simpsons - Monorail Song

The Monorail Song

This song about Springfield getting a monorail is so well known that I almost feel lazy for including it.  The Simpsons features some great songs such as “All Syrup Super Squishy Bender” and “Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart,” but none are greater than Lyle Lanley persuading the members of Springfield to buy a monorail through song.  A fun fact about this clip is that this episode was written entirely by Conan O’Brien.

The Simpsons Clip: Moe Taking Lie Detector Test

Lie Detector Moe

From the infamous, “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” episode. Moe is the saddest, most depressing character ever, but in his pitiful life we find a lot of humor.

Homer boxing montage

Why Can’t We Be Friends”

“The Homer They Fall” episode is one of the all time greatest.  It features this clip right here with the best boxer intro song ever and also this quote from Drederick Tatum:

Interviewer #1: Champ, do you feel remorse for your crime?

Drederick Tatum: Oh, yes. Believe me, my god, if I could turn back the clock on my mother’s stair-pushing, I would certainly, reconsider it.

Interviewer #2: Drederick, ah, what do you think of Homer Simpson?

Drederick Tatum: I think he’s a good man. I like him. I got nothing against him, but I’m definitely gonna make orphans of his children.

Interviewer #3: Uh, you know, they do have a mother, Champ?

Drederick Tatum: Yes, but I would imagine that she would die of grief.


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    1. “Nobody out crazies Ophelia!”

      Awesome Brad. But seriously, not a single crazy cat lady moment? The best simpsons episode is when all of Lisa’s cats keep dying for sure

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