The Top 100 Yacht Rock songs of all time #41-50.

Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #41-50

Your journey is over halfway done, and by now it’s probably felt like you’ve sailed across the entire world. You think you’ve visited every deserted island, worn every exotic piece of clothing, and drank every known margarita on the menu. Unfortunately, your journey is coming to an end, but the best part about sailing is that it’s just as good on the way home! So turn that ship around, throw your captain’s hat back on, and drown yourself in the smooth sounds of the Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs countdown.
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The Bachelor Juan Pablo waits to give the final rose to Nikki or Clare.

Bachelor Breakdown – And Then There Was Juan

For two months we’ve followed our Bachelor Juan Pablo with excitement on his journey to find true love. Little did we know that somewhere along the way we’d discover what a gigantic tool he turned out to be. So the question remains: do we still care about what happens to this handsome-but-idiotic foreign guy – and if we do – are we as ashamed of ourselves as we should be?
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The Bachelor Juan Pablo presents the roses to Andi, Clare, Nikki and Renee after their hometown dates.

Bachelor Breakdown – Just Hold Juan, We’re Going Home

For most people, meeting the family members of their significant other can be a scary experience since you never know what to expect. This is not the case for our Bachelor Juan Pablo, because when he visits the hometowns of his four girlfriends he’s “just going to try to be himself.” Yeah…that’s EXACTLY what we’re worried about.
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The Bachelor Juan Pablo and Andi in Vietnam.

Bachelor Breakdown – Good Morning Viet-Juan

As the girls and our Bachelor Juan Pablo continue their tour of all things Asian, the key word seems to be “confusion.” Some girls seemingly grow closer to his heart, but are left wondering if he feels the same way about them. Some fall further by the wayside, and are left confused about why he didn’t want to get to know them better. However, shouldn’t ALL of them be asking this question: “Do I really want Juan Pablo?”
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The Bachelor Juan Pablo talks to the girls about their group date playing soccer.

Bachelor Breakdown – Juan Small Leap For Man

By now our Bachelor Juan Pablo is moving at a comfortable speed down the highway of finding true love. He’s probably jamming out to some Venezuelan house music with Ca-MEEE-la dancing in the back seat, wondering when she gets to meet her new mommy. He waves to a group of beautiful, adoring female fans on his way to soccer practice. Life couldn’t be any more bueno.
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Juan Pablo Galavis meets the 27 Bachelorettes on the 18th season of ABC's The Bachelor.

Bachelor Breakdown – You Get Juan Chance to Make a First Impression

Being chosen as the next star of ABC’s The Bachelor would typically change a man’s life dramatically. When we last saw this season’s Bachelor Juan Pablo back in August, he was surrounded in a room full of screaming women who all pretty much wanted to marry him and immediately start having his babies. Everyone was out-of-control excited. Well, let’s fast forward a few months and see how the tables have turned. Now he’s surrounded by a significantly smaller group of women who all want to marry him and have his babi… … …OK, I guess not much has changed. Carry on, Juan Pablo. Continue reading

The Top 100 Yacht Rock songs of all time #51-60.

Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #51-60

What’s made this Yacht Rock journey so enjoyable? Is it the soothing waves of the ocean, the bellowing laughter of the man in the captain’s hat, or the dancing crew members as they form a conga line? Those are all great, but let’s all admit that the music is what’s kept this party going. We’re only halfway there! Let’s continue with the Top 100 Yacht Rock songs of all time! Now pass me a margarita. Continue reading