Sean Lowe is the new man for the Bachelor on ABC.

Bachelor Breakdown – Sean Lowe is the New Bachelor!

Sean Lowe is back and nicer than ever as ABC’s 17th season of The Bachelor.

Many of you remember Sean from The Bachelorette last season, where he had his heart broken ripped out of his chest on national TV by Emily Maynard.

By some miracle (or plenty of sympathy from every girl he has met in the last six months), Sean has somehow recovered from that heartbreak and is ready again to look for love…on national television.

Twitter sat down with Sean to ask him a few questions about the upcoming season.

Last time you were on The Bachelorette you left with your heart broken. Why come back to national TV?

First dates are less awkward when you invite 10 million people to join.


Sean Lowe

So what are you hoping to get out of this season of The Bachelor?

“…My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” John 10:10


Sean Lowe

When you were standing in front of all those girls that first night what were you thinking?

So many beautiful girls! I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. #TheBachelor


Sean Lowe

What were you really thinking?

The smell of spray tan was strong that evening. #TheBachelor


Sean Lowe

What was your strategy with passing out roses on the first night?

I don’t understand why Romo is playing so poorly. He always shows up in big games. Wait, that’s not right at all.


Sean Lowe

Thank you! I’ve been saying for years that Romo is a terrible QB and Dallas will never be a winning franchise with him in charge. Who do you think the Cowboys should draft this ye… Wait how did we get on this tangent?

I definitely threw Tierra to the wolves with the first rose. #TheBachelor


Sean Lowe

Yes you certainly did Sean. Ok last question, what do you have to say about this season of The Bachelor?

2012 was life changing to say the least but I feel like 2013 will be even better!


Sean Lowe

I’m sure it will be Sean, best of luck to you in finding your soul mate.

(Sean Laughs)

Yeah I couldn’t keep a straight face either. Oh and in case you didn’t know Salt Lake City girl got two kids, and I’m almost positive that Lacey is a stripper. Just a heads up.

To be honest, I was not thrilled when I heard that Sean was the new Bachelor. I think Arie is more entertaining and would make for better TV. Then I started thinking about how nice Sean is to everyone and thought about him having to break the hearts of 25 girls (well ultimately 26 girls but one girl’s heart will be broken much later). In fact, this season there is a strong possibility we will see Sean break up with a girl without her even realizing it because Sean is too nice. What’s the over/under for longest stay in the Bachelor house after getting dumped? I’m setting it at 3 weeks.

Whether you are thrilled that Sean is The Bachelor or not, we can all agree that when you put 26 emotionally unstable women in a house all competing for one guy, it makes for some pretty great TV.

Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of the women of this season coming soon.

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4 thoughts on “Bachelor Breakdown – Sean Lowe is the New Bachelor!”

  1. I can’t wait for this season’s breakdowns! But is this the whole breakdown of the first episode or is there another installment detailing the pros and cons of each girl? Please tell me there’s more coming! Certainly you have something to say about the girl who did gymnastics in a formal gown and ended up falling in a puddle! Also how did the drunk girl in the wedding dress get through? She was cute but come on… the wedding dress was strike one, getting drunk was strike 2 and demanding a kiss was strike 3! Don’t even get me started about the Shades of Grey ho. Was that Lacey? If so, I don’t think she’s a stripper – I think she aspires to be a stripper. It’s embarrassing how excited I am for this season. I really hope Sean turns out to be as nice as he seems. Jake seemed like a nice guy but we all know how weird he turned out to be! I think Sean’s adorable and I hope he finds a good match. I know he probably has a better chance of winning the lottery but I’m pretty sure this bachelor game is going to be a lot more interesting than watching him scratch a lotto ticket.

  2. Also I thought Sean and Arie’s little talk was going to be super corny… and it was. But it was pretty funny and I actually laughed out loud several times. Although I laughed even harder when I thought of all the outtakes they surely had and how hilarious those must be. I hope we get to see them one day.

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