Cubs Win Twice in the Same Day!

In this year of elections and Mayan calendar apocalypses, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are ahead of the game. Well…only if that game is baseball.

Will and Zach visited the Chicago Cubs to throw out the first pitch and announce the starting lineup, and also to pimp their latest flick The Campaign (coming to theaters August 10, 2012). It’s about two political rivals who are constantly at each other’s throats. Since this is an election year and the movie is about a political campaign, they decided create a fake “campaign trail” to promote the movie opening.

Devouring a slice of deep dish Chicago style pizza is a huge part of Ferrell’s political strategy, but most people wait until they’ve left the ball field.

If announcers were as entertaining as these two, perhaps more people suffer through the hours and hours of full sun exposure at a live baseball game. A true win-win for Cubs fans.

Will Ferrell is no stranger to the Cubs organization. As a member of the SNL cast in the late 90s he played the late Harry Carry, the longtime Cubs announcer.

Will Ferrell’s campaign hasn’t ended in Chicago. For you losers in Seattle, he is making coffee today at Pike Place Market.

Will Ferrell has a long history with the Chicago Cubs win, playing their legendary announcer, Harry Carry on SNL.

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