The Spiderman Marriage Proposal – An Interview

I’ve been James Christensen’s roommate for about nine months now. If you’ve ever taken him into a group setting and there was anything at all resembling music, you’ll have seem him drop some serious dope moves. Mostly body rolls and stripper style motions, but dope nonetheless.

He’s a wild card. Laughs easy and doesn’t care what people think. There’s no embarrassing him. He loves shock value and I’ve never successfully seen an awkward moment lock him up.

Now, there’s been many a night that James has come home from a date to find me on the couch by myself (no comment). So we talk. He likes this and this about very nice girl who I can’t remember her name, but he’s not clicking. A week later, he starts up a pseudo-mini relationship and endures PMS/menopause the entire time, grinning and bearing it. I try to give unbiased, neutral, supportive advice; after all, I hardly should have an opinion being forever alone…

James is the time of guy who gives it his all and isn’t ashamed of it. In a candid moment one night (and it’s much more manly than it sounds), he told me “I really just want to find a girl I can love completely who will give me her all back.”

I liked Shailee Wagner instantly, though I didn’t think much of it. I don’t know exactly when their relationship turned serious, but when it did, it was obvious to me that it was going somewhere fast.

So I wasn’t surprised when he showed me the ring and asked me if I would help him be a part of asking her to marry him.

Me: Who’s your favorite roommate and the best person you know?

James: I want the world to know that you are, man! You’re the best.

Okay that first part didn’t happen, but only because I didn’t ask… I’m pretty confident that would be his answer.

Me: K, first question. Tell me about getting the idea (and obviously I already know most this but that’s not the point right?)

James: Haha. Shailee is a Spiderman nerd! I knew I wanted to make the proposal special. I don’t like doing lame things for significant events I like to go all out. I wanted to be sure she would never forget this and we could bother remember it. I thought of it because I was thinking how to propose aside from taking her to dinner. Spiderman was one of the first ideas because I know she loves him and it would be funny and cool. Everything came together when I contacted the right people.

Me: Shailee, tell me what you expected from James for a proposal.

Shailee: Oh goodness… The most I expected of that boy was to get me the ring before the wedding. That’s pretty much it. It was open as far as how little or big he could make it. He knows me so I trusted him and let him figure it out on his own. I had no preference.

Me: So when you saw it all happening, what did you think and feel?

Shailee: First I thought about how crazy lucky I am. Not many guys are willing to play dress up for their girls! I felt happier than I ever have in my whole life! It’s funny because to most everyone who sees it, it’s just a corny crazy proposal. Not many people know that he did that because Spiderman is my favorite thing period. Ever since I was 5, I’ve been reading comic books and collecting action figures. He really made it perfect by tailoring it to me, it showed me a lot.

At this point, I can raise my hand among the group that thought it was uber cheesy.

Me: James, what has Shailee said to you about it since then?

James: She still can’t believe it happened. She said it was like a dream come true. She really was super shocked by it. She likes the fact that other people like it and that it has gone viral, but she would like people to understand the last thing she wants is for this to shadow our marriage itself. She loved every moment of it though and said it was perfect.

Me: How did you feel while doing it?

James: Nervous as crap. We were having a lot of technical problems for the Dance Walk. The music cut out at the end so fortunately everyone got to the right spot. When it finally took place, it was so funny and weird when I was jumping and punching because everyone cheered every time I did something. It felt like a movie.

Me: Shailee, now what? What does this mean for your future and where do you go from here?

Shailee: Forward. The only direction you can go [dumb question by me, I suppose]. We’ll tackle it a day at a time and enjoy everything to the fullest. After all, this is just us two, getting ready for life to really start! It’s just a continuous guessing game. Who knows? Two years from now we could be in a different state, raising hellions of our own. You never know. I try to take it as it comes and enjoy what I have now.

Me: How do you feel about this blowing up on the web?

Shailee: It’s weird! But cool. It was an awesome proposal so I am definitely not surprised! It’s just funny cause it happened on accident and the video was more fur us than anything. It’s just fun. Awesome to have people get excited with you.

There’s been a few comments about how quickly their relationship has moved and I’m sure there would probably be more questions if more people knew. But I’m a romantic and have watched their relationship flourish quickly, so I wanted to share with skeptics and fellow hopeless romantics what the couple had to say about their short courtship.

Me: One last question. What is your response when people comment on how fast this all has moved?

James: I just say you know when you know. I had a strong opinion against moving fast but seeing how synonymous we were, why not? And because God helped me to know.

Shailee: There are people who spend so much time waiting that they miss opportunities, those who are so skeptical they lose what they love and then there are those who know what they want and go for it. I found who I want and love and it out weights every fear or concern I could ever have. What more do I need? Yes it’s quick. But who’s to say they wouldn’t have done the same?

I like this. Good people. They’ll make it, I’m sure of it.

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